Structural Bodywork

Myofascial Work

Structural Bodywork takes a spin away from massage, with specific focus on Myofascial Meridians based on the work work as taught in Anatomy Trains. Experience improved body posture, reduced body discomforts and resulting ease of movement as Fascial tissues are nourished and hydrated with empowering touch.

Virtual Yoga

Mindful Movement

Incorporates Myofascial Meridians, Slings and Biomechanics enhancing personal awareness and physical benefits.

Personal Consultation

Health Begins Here

Individual Health Assessment to determine suggestions for Custom Formulations, Supplements, Wellness regime.

DIY Soap Making

Keep it Clean!

Learn to make your own cold pressed soap using authentic ingredients!

DIY Workshops

Healthy Living

Seasonal Workshops ranging from Aromatherapy, Herbalism, DIY and Professional Education.

Free Herbal PDF

Common Herbals

Here is a handout from a presentation that I did on common herbs and their uses.

Carrier Oil Index

Know Your Bases

Ideal index for properties of Carrier oils in your skin care regime or DIY formulas.

Free EO Monograph

Lavandula anguvstifolia

Lavender is a popular Essential Oil. Learn more here.


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